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Clemco CPF 20 and CPF 80 Air Filter with Regulator

Clemco CPF 20 and CPF 80 Air Filter with Regulator

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Designed to provide clean air for sandblast operators these filters remove dirt, oil, and moisture from compressed air.


Clemco's CPF in-line air filters remove moisture, oil, and dirt particles from compressed air before it reaches your respirator. Multi-stage filtration system includes activated charcoal to eliminate odors and improve the "taste" of your breathing air. Available for one to four air lines; used with HP Model respirators.

NOTE: CPF filters do not remove CO or convert CO to CO2, or remove other toxic gases.Model CPF-20 for up to two operators: Stock No. 03578
Model CPF-80 for up to four operators: Stock No. 03527

Requirements for Operation
Compressed Grade D quality breathing air as defined by the Compressed Gas Association commodity specification:
G-7.1 (

Description of Operation
The CPF filter is placed in the breathing-air line between the breathing-air source and the respirator supply hose.


Approvals and Certifications
CPF filters comply with OSHA regulation 1910.94 (6) as a component of a total respirator system.  To comply with OSHA regulation 1910.134 (d), the system must also include a NIOSH-approved, type CE, supplied-air respiratorand carbon monoxide (CO) monitoring and/or removal system.

Available Literature:
21963 - CPF 20 and 80 Air Filter

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