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Clemco RLX Pneumatic Control Handle (1588244906019)

Clemco RLX Pneumatic Control Handle

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Remote Control for Sandblast Machine Pneumatically operated

Description of Operation
Pressing the remote control handle activates the system and starts blasting; releasing the handle stops blasting. When
the handle is released, a spring-loaded lever mechanism keeps the handle from accidentally activating the system


Requirements for Operation
These items are required but are not included with the handle:
• Twinline remote control hose (for pneumatic handles)
• Electric cord (for electric handles)
• Blast machine fitted with Clemco remote control valves
• Power source (for electric handles)


Never modify or substitute remote control parts. Parts from other manufacturers are NOT compatible with Clemco equipment.

Advantages - Pneumatic
• Meets OSHA requirement for remote control system
• Relatively inexpensive
• Twinline hose cannot be connected incorrectly
• Simple design is easy to service

Advantages - Electric
• Meets OSHA requirement for remote control system
• Fast response at distances up to 500 feet
• Low-profile, threaded connectors secure neatly to hose

Available Literature:
21957 - RLX Remote Control Handles (Pneu & Electric)



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