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Bench Top Sandblaster
Cyclone Bench Top Sandblaster

Cyclone Bench Top Sandblaster

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“Perfect size for benchtops or workstations

Made in USA

Constructed of 16 gauge welded steel – VERY sturdy!

Easy Setup. Unpack, connect, blast!

Can be moved with ease

Safety valve on lid, cuts air supply when lid is open.

Detailed Specifications

Overall Dimensions Overall Dimensions: 28" (h) x 20" (w) x 18" (d)
Working Dimensions Working Dimensions: 12" (h) x 19" (w) x 18" (d)
Window Window: 12 ½" x 8 ½" acrylic
Construction Construction: 16 gauge steel
Gloves 18" Rubber Gloves
Blast System 18 ID - WITH lid based safety valve
Blast System 3.6 cfm @ 50 PSI
Blaster Operation Foot Pedal Operated
Dust Collector Required, not included. 2 ¼" opening
Electrical Electrical: 110 Volts
Weight Weight: 75 lbs. ships via UPS

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