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Devilbiss EGA 503 Detail Spray Gun (1.0) (1587567165475)

Devilbiss EGA 503 Detail Spray Gun (1.0)

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DeVilbiss EGA spray guns assist you in getting the finish you want—right down to the last detail! These conventional style suction/pressure touch-up guns feature a long needle taper and forefinger trigger control for delicate applications. Shading, edging, or most any precision painting can be accomplished. Details make your project a standout; get them right with DeVilbiss EGA spray guns.

Includes: 1.0 mm fluid tip


  • Wetted surfaces are stainless steel and aluminum.
  • To minimize overspray, only use as much pressure as required to atomize material.
  • Worn parts can cause fluid leakage. When replacing fluid tip or fluid needle, replace both at the same time. Lapped sets are available. Also replace the fluid tip gasket and needle packing at this time.
  • Information that you should pay special attention to.

**Out of stock until February 2022


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