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Devilbiss Filter Element, Coalescing (1587687686179)

Devilbiss Filter Element, Coalescing

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Cleaner air increases the life of pneumatic tools. The two-stage filtration system consists of a drying and filtration system. The centrifugal filter in the first stage removes water, oil, and dirt down to .5 microns.

The second stage coalescer filter is the second stage filter that further filters dirt, oil, and water to .01 microns. Replacing the DeVilbiss HAF-28 Replacement Coalescing Filter on a regular basis ensures a flawless paint job every time. The quick release bowl guard helps dispense water collected in the bowl quickly. The CleanAir unit from DeVilbiss works to eliminate moisture and dirt from the air supply to provide cleaner and drier air for every spray gun in your garage.


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