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DeVilbiss FinishLine® Filter Element & Gasket Kit (1587687653411)

DeVilbiss FinishLine® Filter Element & Gasket Kit

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Controlled spray painting is both a science and an art, especially when the canvas is an expensive auto body. DeVilbiss FinishLine air control units regulate the flow of clean, dry air to your paint gun--and a supply of replacement filters for those units can be invaluable. These 5-micron particle filters remove oil, water, and dirt as small as .01 microns, while helping to balance air pressure in the control unit. DeVilbiss FinishLine filters include a replacement gasket, as well, and are made to withstand the high temperature fluctuations of curing spray booths. Eradicate particles in the air line and attain high-caliber results for all of your painting projects--with FinishLine air control unit replacement filters from DeVilbiss!


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