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Devilbiss Reusable Sleeve & Lid 9oz.(2) (1587690766371)

Devilbiss Reusable Sleeve & Lid 9oz.(2)

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Disposable Cups Reduce Solvent Waste and Increase Productivity

  • Less cleaning - Easy disposal vs. traditional gravity cups that require significant cleaning and time and solvent use
  • Reduces Steps - Mix and spray with one cup. Multiple filter options reduce the need to strain paint
  • Clean Paint Jobs - Sealed, contamination - free system
  • All Coatings - works with primers, solvent basecoats, clearcoats, and waterborne coatings
  • Safety - less exposure to cleaning solvents and VOC's
  • Storage - Temporarily store unused paint between coatings therefore reducing paint waste
  • (2) - 9 FL. Oz/710 ml Reusable Sleeve/Lid

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