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DOMINION SURE SEAL 401301 2-Component Semi-Rigid Epoxy Adhesive Filler Kit, 32 oz, Liquid

DOMINION SURE SEAL 401301 2-Component Semi-Rigid Epoxy Adhesive Filler Kit, 32 oz, Liquid

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A 2-component semi rigid modified epoxy designed as an all-purpose plastic repair material. Formulated to work on all plastics including the more common and also the traditional "tough to bond" plastics (TPUR, PUR, RIM, PP, TPO, TPE). This product is designed as an adhesive and filler to be used on the front and backsides of a repair. Can also be used over our Urethane Repair material (XSMAP, XSM2002). An outstanding semi-rigid filler that is commonly used as a glaze coat over all types of plastics due to its easy sanding and feather edging characteristics.


  • Designed as an "All Purpose" plastic repair material; Formulated to work on all plastics; Easy sanding and feather edging characteristics; Bonds, fills and sands with outstanding performance.


More Information
Product Line DOM
MFR Model 401301
Standard/Approvals California Pro65 Warning: Cancer
Application For door skins (metal and plastic), rusted patch panels, backer panels and approved by automotive OEMs such as GM, Toyota, VW and many others.
Manufacturer Dominion Sure Seal
Alternate Part Number-1 XPSAPC
UPC 776174401317
Part Status A
Applicable Materials Metal, SMC, Fiberglass, Rigid Plastic
Composition 39 to 42% Talc, 30 to 32% Bisphenol A / Epichlorohydrin Epoxy Resin, 15 to 16% Barium Sulfate, 5.5 to 7% Benzyl Butyl Phthalate, 2 to 3% Titanium Dioxide, 1.5 to 2.5% Alkyl (C12-14) Glycidyl Ether (Part A), 38 to 40% Mercaptan Terminated Polymer, 28 to 31% Talc, 16 to 18% Barium Sulfate, 5 to 5.5% Calcium Carbonate, 3.4 to 3.8% 2,4,6-Tris(Dimethylaminomethyl) Phenol, 2 to 3% Titanium Dioxide, 0.3 to 0.5% Bis(Dimethylaminomethyl) Phenol (Part B)
Specific Gravity 1.6
Odor/Scent Mild (Part A), Mercaptan (Part B)
Color Pink (Part A), Beige, Off-White (Part B)
Flash Point 100 deg C (Part A), 124 deg C (Part B)
Container Size (oz) 32
Form Liquid
Type 2-Component


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