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Dry Land Skid Mounted After Coolers (1587399196707)

Dry Land Skid Mounted After Coolers

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After Cooler
Moisture Separator
Coalescing Filter (on a powder coated skid)


  • 5 year limited warranty (see warranty documentation for details)
  • After cooler (cools incoming air before reaching desiccant)
  • Moisture separator
  • Coalescing filter
  • Air temperature gauge (great for troubleshooting)
  • Filter/regulator/lubricator package for air motor
  • No electricity required
  • Skid mounted

Pirate Brand® Dry Land™ After Coolers are a skid mounted system which includes an after cooler, a moisture filter, and a coalescing filter.  Warm air enters the aftercooler where it is cooled to a 10°F to 15°F (5.6°C to 8.3°C) approach to ambient air temperature, water is condensed out during this cooling process.  The saturated air and liquid water pass through a moisture separator where airborne water droplets are separated out.  Next the air passes through a coalescing filter where any oil contaminants from the compressor are removed before it flows through the after cooler outlet.


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