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Graco DutyMax GH 675DI (1587411714083)

Graco DutyMax GH 675DI

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Whether it's your first silicone rig, or a smaller setup where your Big Rig can't go, DutyMax GH 675DI gets the job done.

  •  Maximum pressure of 6750 psi and flow rates up to 1.5 gpm to tackle the   toughest coatings
  •  Cleanup is simple and economical using less solvent than larger systems
  •  Significantly faster than manual rolling or squeegee applications
  •  Spraying delivers more consistent mil build over the entire surface
  •  Converts to 3300 psi / 3 gpm pump with optional kit —spray both Silicone and Acrylics! Like 2 sprayers in 1
  •  Removable engine for ultimate versatility when moving



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