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Easy-Kleen 3000 PSI @ 4.0 GPM Flange/Coupling Drive 7.5HP 220V - 1PH Industrial Hot Water Electric Pressure Washer - Natural Gas & Propane Gas

Easy-Kleen 3000 PSI @ 4.0 GPM Flange/Coupling Drive 7.5HP 220V - 1PH Industrial Hot Water Electric Pressure Washer - Natural Gas & Propane Gas

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Ideal for in-plant, service shop and wash bay systems. These are the most efficient, long lasting machines on the market. Simple in design for ease of maintenance and usability.

Innovative Features

Quick Kleen Burners


 Each model in the Buffalo Series is equipped with a quick clean burner system. Your burner orifices should be cleaned every 6 months and this system makes it easy to do so. You simply disconnect the wiring harness, remove 2 bolts and your burner will slide out with ease. Once you have cleaned your burner the apparatus will easily slide back into place with a little push. Quick and Easy Maintenance.


Quick Adjust Air Flow Vents


 The Quick Adjust Air Flow vents allow you to adjust the amount of air that is flowing into the burner chamber. This adjustment allows you to maximize the efficiency of the burner by fine-tuning the CO levels to optimize emission levels. These vents allow you to adjust your airflow quickly and simply by loosening 2 bolts and tightening them after you’ve adjusted the vents accordingly.


Tip Ahead Shroud with Integrated Belt Guard


 The tip ahead shroud allows you to easily access all of your motor and pump components in seconds. You simply loosen the T-Nuts on both sides of the unit and pull the shroud forward. The belt guard is integrated into the design of the shroud for maximum serviceability and safety. This ensures that your belt and pulley system will never be exposed.


Nema 4 Water Tight Control Panel 

Electrical NEMA 4 watertight control panels complete with hinged covers are utilized for easy service access. No unnecessary electronics are used when designing these units, making service and diagnostics simple. Available with a standard on/off switch or optional auto start/stop timer shutdown.

Standard Features

2 to 50 HP totally enclosed fan cooled full frame 1750 RPM electric motors. Single phase equipped with a 1.15 service factor, 3PH equipped with a 1.25 service factor, both are high efficiency.
Italian made industrial heavy duty triplex plunger pump with oil bath crankcases, stainless valves and brass manifolds. General Pumps are the most widely used pumps in the world.
Large diameter pulleys are used to reduce belt wear. Torsion bar spring loaded belt tensioners are used on the 15 and 20 HP models
Available for those who do not prefer belt drives.
Elliptically wound cold process of stretched reduced full body normalized ASTM A53/APIPSL schedule 80 or 160 pipe. The coil is structurally braced to minimize pipe wear and vibration. It is sealed with a ceramic blanket in a stainless steel housing.
Quality North American made natural gas or propane fired burners and controls with adjustable thermostats are used for efficiency, dependability and serviceability. Units are equipped with quick kleen burner apparatuses. Burners jets have 6 oxygen orifice inlets to ensure maximum burn and minimize CO results.
Rugged 11 gauge and 1/4” bent one piece plate steel frame is fully welded with a powder coat finish. Frames are equipped with 11 gauge steel shrouds with integrated belt guards for maximum serviceability.
These units include: gun and wand assembly, 50 feet of high pressure hose, high pressure chemical injection, 5 nozzles and poly float tanks on 4 - 12 GPM units.
Auto Stop Start - Hose Reel - Rotary Nozzle - Draft Hoods - Wheel Kits - Stainless Steel Coils - Second Pumping Systems - Soap Solenoid & Switch - Remote Station - Steam Kit - Dual Gun Kit - Stands

Note: Product doesn't come with a battery.


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