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ED-2-4 Electronic Drain

ED-2-4 Electronic Drain

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ED-2-4 Drain, Electric Solenoid with 1/4" & 1/2" connections and strainer valve

RTi can solve most problems found within the compressed air industry. One of the most critical items in any air system that is often overlooked is a reliable drain mechanism on the main reservoir tank. The ED-2-4 automatically drains your tank as often as needed to provide water free air downstream.

Use on any air reservoir tank, air/water separators, air filters, air dryers, or drip legs whenever condensed water removal is necessary. Reliance on a manually drained system often leads to water contamination of your critical air driven equipment or machinery.

• Adjustable drain interval - 0.5 to 45 min.
• Adjustable drain span - 0.5 to 10 sec.
• On/off indicator lights
• Ball valve strainer - protects valve from heavy contaminants
• Stainless steel strainer element - easy to remove and clean
• Mounts ¼" male or ½" NPT female drain lines/parts in any position
• Test button - allows manual activation

• Max. pressure/temp.: 230 PSI/120ºF
• ¼" female or ½" male NPT inlet port
• ¼" NPT outlet port (on valve)
• 115V, 60 HZ, single phase
• NEMA 4 rating on valve and timer
• ¼" NPT brass valve body w/ .157" orifice
• Supplied with 6' power cord


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