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Walcom Ego Mini Carbon Fiber Gun- Comes With Aluminum 125cc Cup

Walcom Ego Mini Carbon Fiber Gun- Comes With Aluminum 125cc Cup

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The process of total renewal and innovation of the range was integrated into the EGO, a spray gun dedicated to the refinish and smart repairs body shop. Thus, EGO CARBONIO was born, forged aluminum core, over-injection body carbon fiber body. Attention to every small detail, very light, easy to handle and, above all, excellent performance, EGO CARBONIO stands out for its characteristics that make it unique:

  • weight, only 190 grams
  • performance, thanks to the high-precision components machined on 5-axis CNC machining
  • atomization, with the new anodized “anticorodal” aluminum cap, designed specifically for a targeted, fine and precise application
  • strength and durability, obtained thanks to the mix of materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, brass and carbon fiber treated with nanotechnological processes for easier cleaning, and a safe resistance to chemical aggression. EGO CARBONIO represents the most sophistication, from a design and production point of view, at the same time, it’s easier and more practical for the painter to use. A unique spray gun capable of a wide range of applications for its kind, in line with the Walcom® philosophy, based on innovation and technology.


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