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EMAX Airbase Pro Tech Pneumatic Spray Gun - Primer/Surface

EMAX Airbase Pro Tech Pneumatic Spray Gun - Primer/Surface

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Airbase by EMAX Primer/Surface (finish sanding required) Tip size 1.8 (Entry Pro) (Engineered for larger tip and cap sizes)

Airbase Pro Tech Pneumatic Spray guns by EMAX Compressor are High-Volume Low-Pressure Spray Gun. (HVLP) Our Pro Spray guns significantly increase material transfer efficiency when compared with traditional spray guns. This is because paint fog rebound, and loss is greatly reduced, while paint pattern widths can increase by 10% – 30% for reduced labor hours and improved surface coverage. HVLP technology is also environmentally friendly and reduces exposure to paint fumes.
All Airbase Pro Tech Spray guns come with both an Aluminum cup and Plastic cup, along with high strength color zinc wrench.

  • Round and sector shape spray pattern
  • adjustable valve knob
  • high-pressure low volume gravity design makes your paint jobs a breeze. Equipped with a control valve to help create the prefect spray
  • all steel body design is rust resistant and the stainless-steel nozzle provides great durability
  • easy to control tethering trigger you can use the exact pressure and amount you need for your task
  • comes with both a aluminum and plastic cup


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