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Fluid Cartridges for Aquarion™ Portable Eye Wash Station

Fluid Cartridges for Aquarion™ Portable Eye Wash Station

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Sealed saline solution eye wash cartridges are easy to store, install and maintain.

  • Designed for use in the Aquarion Eye Wash Station to provide 15 minutes of continuous water flow for emergency eye washing
  • Factory-sealed cartridges install in seconds with no tubes, hoses or nozzles to connect
  • Sealed cartridges preserve eye wash liquid for two years; expiration date is easy to access
  • Two handles for easy handling and installation
Style Solution/Refill
Use With Aquarion™ Eyewash Station
Brand Encon
Volume 3.7 gal. Cartridge
Sold as 2 per box
Weight 75 lbs.
Color Clear
# per Pallet 16
Composition Solution: Saline
Bag: Poly
Shelf Life 730 days
UNSPSC 46181810
Pigalog® Page Number Page 208


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