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Fuji Spray 400cc Gravity Cup Parts Kit

Fuji Spray 400cc Gravity Cup Parts Kit

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400cc Gravity Cup Parts Kit (2024L-5, 9050-5)

Kit includes wearable parts that you should always have on hand. Includes five 9050 Gravity Cup Gaskets and five 2024L Pressure Tubes.This cup parts kit is also compatible for the 9600-G (GXPC) Gravity Spray Gun.Spray Gun cleaning and maintenance is an essential part in spray finishing. This promotes consistent results as well as longevity of the equipment.

  • 400cc gravity cup parts kit provides handy wearable parts to always have on hand
  • Contains five 9050 400cc gravity cup gaskets
  • Contains five 2024L Long Pressure Tubes with Check Valves
  • For the use with the Fuji 7002G spray gun (semi-pro gravity)


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