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Fuji Spray Mini 3-Cup Set

Fuji Spray Mini 3-Cup Set

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Complete 1/2pint (8ozs) Miniature Cup Assembly. Supplied with 2 Extra Cups and 3 Heavy-Duty lids equipped with Gaskets. This assembly is lightweight taking weight off the wrist. The small size allows access into confined areas such as cabinets, bookshelves etc. The Cup is pressurized so the spray pattern is always perfect. You will think of many uses for these Cups – storing paints and stains. It’s great for quick color changes. Any type of touch-up work. Guitar Makers and Auto Touchup are just 2 areas where this Cup Assembly is proving to be popular. if you are always spraying larger pieces such as kitchen cabinets, this cup set is too small for you – it would require too many fill ups to make it practical.

Note* this Cup Assembly can be used with the Fuji XPC Spray Gun as well as the New T-Series Spray.

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