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Fuji Spray XPC-Model Aircap Set (1.0mm)

Fuji Spray XPC-Model Aircap Set (1.0mm)

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No. 3 (Part 8050-3) 1mm (.039") FINE OUTPUT


#3 - Smaller size nozzle set for finer atomization. 1.0mm (.039in) Best size for some water-based products but please check first with the manufacturer of the coating. This is our Combo 3H used also for Spray Tanning. Excellent for shading with stains or inks and for fine airbrush techniques. Not for Latex House Paint. Please note* these parts will not fit the older Fuji Model SC-1. For the SC-1 spraygun,


The fluid nozzle 6082 and needle 8020 MUST always match exactly. Size No.4 is standard with all Fuji spray guns. No. 3 or No. 4 can be used for
any type of fine-finishing application. The difference between the two is that #4 allows for more fluid output. This is desirable when spraying fast-drying lacquers. It allows you to spray faster and wetter to obtain better leveling of the finish. 4 additional setups are available as accessories. Generally speaking, the quality of atomization and finish reduces as you go to the larger size setups (No.5 and 6).


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