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Global Finishing Solutions REVO MANUAL HANDHELD LAMP 110V
Global Finishing Solutions REVO MANUAL HANDHELD LAMP 110V
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Global Finishing Solutions REVO MANUAL HANDHELD LAMP 110V

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REVO - Handheld Mobile Infrared Drying System (110V)

Rapidly cure fillers and coatings in three minutes or less with the REVO Handheld from Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS). This powerful, lightweight tool is ideal for fast spot repairs, but can also be used for a variety of other applications. With the REVO Handheld, you can soften glass seals, heat up aluminum to repair aluminum-body vehicles, push out a dent, or remove emblems, vinyl graphics and adhesives. The REVO Handheld allows you to get more repairs done faster, saving you time and money.

Lightweight and with an ergonomic handle, GFS’ REVO Handheld is the perfect tool for fast spot repairs. In addition to rapidly drying filler, primer, and clear coat, REVO Handheld can be used to soften glass seals, and remove ornaments and adhesives.
REVO Accelerated Curing Systems can increase paint shop throughput by up to 80 percent over the customer’s current system, work within the shop’s current footprint, and produce the highest quality results.

In addition to rapidly curing fillers and coatings, the easy-to-use REVO Handheld is the perfect complementary unit for aluminum repair, dent removal, emblem and adhesive removal, bumper repair or softening glass seals.


All REVO Systems are backed by GFS to provide support and reliability. Each system has been expertly designed for the automotive repair industry. And with on-site training available, learning to use any REVO System is easy.



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