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Graco 273334 Silver Plus HP Gun 2 Finger Trigger

Graco 273334 Silver Plus HP Gun 2 Finger Trigger

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A Silver Plus gun for your high pressure applications - up to 7250 PSI. Featuring a compact and durable design and external fluid passages, this ledgendary design keeps your hand cool, while providing all-day spraying comfort.

  • Lighter Design
    • Up to 35% lighter than other guns in its class
  • Minimal Trigger Pull
    • Requires less trigger pull force for comfortable all-day spraying
  • Durable Design
    • Durable Steel and aluminum design features oversized fluid passages for less pressure loss
    • Durable forged aluminum withstands harsh work environments
    • Lighter weight than competitive guns
    • Polished body is easy to clean
  • Versatile
    • The convenience of a single gun that works with all units in your fleet
  • Stainless Steel Fluid Tube
    • Fluid flows directly to the tip through the gun fluid tube
    • Provides the ability to spray heavier materials
    • Including high solid coatings and mastics


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