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Graco 127385 Direct Drive Pressure Washer Pump

Graco 127385 Direct Drive Pressure Washer Pump

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Graco Direct Drive Pressure Washer Pump 127385 Pump for 25N677 & 25N681
Graco 127385 pressure washer pump 4000 PSI @ 4.0 GPM is a bare pump with no plumbing.

Standard SAE J609 gasoline mounting flange for up to 13 hp engines
Forged brass manifold with an exclusive lifetime warranty and 3:1 hydrostatic rating
Die-cast, anodized aluminum oil-bath crankcase
Innovative one-piece plunger design to eliminate water entering crankcase
Premium roller bearing
5% reduction in crankcase load compared to standard 4,000 PSI, 15 mm pumps
Unitized stainless steel inlet and discharge valves
Available in L left-handed versions

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