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Graco DutyMax GH 675DI BIG150 Hydraulic Airless Paint Sprayer – 25D225

Graco DutyMax GH 675DI BIG150 Hydraulic Airless Paint Sprayer – 25D225

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The Graco GH675DI BIG150, Model #25D225 is the Complete Package that comes with:

  • 1/2″ x 150′ Xtreme Duty Hose
  • 3/8″ x 10′ Xtreme Duty Whip Hose
  • XTR Gun
  • Tips & Guard
  • 30″ Tip Extension
  • 180 Degree Tip Swivel

The GH 675DI combines maximum power and performance in a compact and highly portable package.

When it comes to hard-to-atomize materials, look no further than the new DutyMax GH 675DI. Offering 6750 PSI of pressure, it handles hard-to-spray materials such as Silicone and other waterproofing and protective coating materials with the convenience of a small gas powered sprayer. Plus it’s easily transported in a small truck and easy to position where you need it. Like right on the roof, for example.

Small Size – Ultimate Portability! Whether it’s your first silicone rig, or a smaller setup where your Big Rig cannot go, the DutyMax GH 675DI gets the job done.

  • Maximum pressure of 6750 PSI
  • Flow rates up to 1.5 GPM
  • Simple cleanup and economical using less solvent than other Big Rigs
  • Faster than manual rolling or squeegee applications
  • More consistent spraying over the entire surface
  • Converts to 3300 PSI @ 3 GPM with optional kit (see Part# 17V188)
  • Conversion kit allows to spray both Silicone and Acrylics!
  • Removable engine for ultimate mobility when moving.


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