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Graco Low Pressure Fluid Regulator

Graco Low Pressure Fluid Regulator

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Low Pressure Fluid Regulator, 250 Max psi, 5-100 psi Range, 3.0 GPM, SST, Spring Type, 3/8 (f) x 3/8 (f), 1/4 (f) Port
Fluid pressure regulators control pressure of the downstream fluid, allowing operators to accurately control the pressure to guns, applicators and dispense valves, Graco's fluid regulators are designed with wear resistant materials for long life, even when using harsh materials.
For a balanced fluid system, pressure control is essential. Graco provides a wide selection of fluid pressure regulators and back pressure valves. Together, these controls keep your system functioning more productively by providing rugged, precise pressure regulation.
  • Stainless steel wetted materials are compatible with catalyst and waterborne materials
  • Removable adjustment key eliminates operator interference
  • Manual quick flush mode ensures easy cleaning without impacting production settings
  • Tungsten and carbide materials ensure low wear and long life
  • PTFE/Elastomer hybrid diaphragm withstands wear while maintaining accurate responsiveness

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