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Graco GrindLazer HP DC89 G

Graco GrindLazer HP DC89 G

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The GrindLazer HP DC89 G is a good choice for general line removal. Its EasyGlide Wheel Mount System makes it as easy to use as a LineLazer, and its rugged, innovative design means you can count on it to perform for a lifetime of use.

  • TriBelt Drive System

    • 3-cog belt design optimizes power transfer and maximum load handling
    • Eliminates costly downtime
  • Fat Track Front Swivel Wheel

    • Proven front caster wheel system makes turning fast and easy
    • Maneuver curves better
    • No need to “muscle it” while moving
  • EasyGlide Wheel Mount System

    • Front-mounted caster along with dual rear pneumatic air-filled tires makes handling safe and as easy to maneuver as a LineLazer
    • Pneumatic air-filled tires helps eliminate vibration
  • Extreme-Duty ProStart System

    • Centrifugal clutch allows easy starting and shut-off of cutters, providing one of the safest units on the market today
    • Easy to start in cold weather
    • Eliminates broken recoils
    • Provides longer belt life

NOTE: Please see the chart below for recommended setup information.


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