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Graco GrindLazer Pro RC 813 G
Graco GrindLazer Pro RC 813 G
Graco GrindLazer Pro RC 813 G

Graco GrindLazer Pro RC 813 G

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The GrindLazer Pro RC813 G is the ideal choice for when you need to remove lines without grooves. The rotary action of this scarifier hovers over the surface, resulting in line removal without leaving any ghost lines—making this the “No-Groove Line Eraser.”
  • All-Steel Frame

    • Heavy-duty design will hold up to the harsh jobsite environment
  • Honda Power

    • Contractor preferred—excellent power and proven reliability
  • No-Groove Line Eraser

    • Rotary cut removes lines without leaving any grooves
  • Advanced Depth-Control System

    • Independent adjustment for pitch, depth and pressure—giving you ultimate control and no-damage removal on a wide range of surfaces
  • Electric Start

    • Electric start system allows for easy starting with the flip of a switch—even in cold weather
  • Tilt-Up Chassis

    • Designed for quick and easy cutter removal
  • Adjustable, Anti-Vibration Handle Bars

    • Padded for minimal vibration transfer
    • Adjustable for all-day comfort for all users
  • Maintenance-Free Sealed Bearings

    • Maintenance-free design for long life and ease-of-use
  • Dust-Free Vacuum Port

    • Allows for hookup of a LazerVac vacuum system for the reduction of airborne dust
  • Dual Purpose Tachometer and Hour Meter

    • Track usage for maintenance—ensuring your equipment is in top shape
    • Displays engine RPMs while running

NOTE: Please see the chart below for recommended setup information.

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