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Graco HVLP Edge II Spray Gun (1587478659107)
Graco HVLP Edge II Spray Gun (1587478659107)

Graco HVLP Edge II Spray Gun

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Revolutionary HVLP Technology

Edge II Spray Gun Key Features:

  • Combines fluid and airflow into one simple control.
  • Optimized to spray the majority of fine finish applications.
  • Quick adjustment and indicator for repeatable spray setting

4X More Productivity

  • Get your job done in 25% the time
  • New exclusive Graco air cap design increases the fluid flow in every needle by 4X

Flexner Bag System

  • For the first time, spray in any direction – only with Graco’s HVLP sprayers with FlexLiner Technology.
  • FlexLiner Paint Bag System replaces traditional material cups for maintenance-free operation
  • Spray at any angle with no adjustment – even upside down

Easy Cleanup

  • Reuse liner or toss, it’s your choice
  • No suction tube to clean
  • Easy color change with extra cups on hand


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