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Graco L180CX Xtreme Lower Pump, 180cc

Graco L180CX Xtreme Lower Pump, 180cc

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Graco Genuine OEM part Xtreme Pump Lowers L180C1, L180C2, L180C3 & L180C4, 180cc Lower Pump Assemblies.

Available in your choice of either Xtreme Seal or Tuff-Stack Packing’s.
Choose the standard pump with NO filter assembly or the Pump with the Built-In Filter from the drop down menus above.

Pump Option

  • L180C1 Pump with Xtreme Seals, NO Filter
  • L180C2 Pump with Xtreme Seals AND Built In Filter
  • L180C3 Pump with Tuff Stack Seals, NO Filter
  • L180C4 Pump with Tuff Stack Seals AND Built in Filter


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