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Graco X7 (1587748241443)

Graco Pump Repair Kit Magnum X5, X7, LTS15 & LTS17

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16F047 Graco Pump Repair Kit Magnum X5, X7, LTS15 & LTS17. Graco Genuine OEM part 16F047 Magnum Pump Repair Kit. Fits Magnum models X5, X7, LTS15 and LTS17 only.?Always check your owners manual for required part numbers.? There are many series of similar Magnum sprayers that require different parts.

Pump Kit for

  • Magnum X5, X7, LTS15, LTS17, ProLTS17, ProLTS19, 240V ProPlus A30/A45, ASM ESP
  • Magnum Pro Plus A20, Pro Plus A30, Pro Plus A45, and Pro Plus A60 Airless Sprayer 
  • Magnum LTS 15, LTS 17, and ProLTS 19 Airless Sprayer 
  •  Magnum M5, L10, M3+, M5+, L10+, and L30+ Airless Sprayer 


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