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Graco 795 (1577885859875)

Graco Pump Rod (Chromex) fits Ultra Max II 695/795 ProContractor

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Graco Genuine OEM part 16X434 Pump displacement rod for Graco Ultra Max II PRO-CONTRACTOR Series 695, 795 Electric units and, Graco GMax II 3900 Pro-Contractor Series ONLY !
See your owners manual before ordering this part, only for the newest sprayers coming out in mid 2014 ! This Rod ONLY Fits:
Graco Ultra Max II 695/795 PRO CONTRACTOR Series Units (# 16W894 & 16W896)
Graco GMax II 3900 Lo-Boy Sprayer (#16W866)
Graco GMax II 3900 Hi-Boy Pro Contractor Sprayer (# 16W867)


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