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Graco 1595 (1587752763427)

Graco Pump Rod (MaxLife) UltraMax II Iron Man 1095, GMax II 5900 Iron Man

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Graco Genuine OEM part 16X436 MaxLife Pump Displacement Rod for Graco Ultra Max II IRON MAN Series 1095, 1595 Electric units and, Graco GMax II 5900 IRON MAN Series ONLY! See your owners manual before ordering this part, only for the newest sprayers coming out in mid 2014! This Rod ONLY Fits: Graco Ultra Max II 1095/1595 IRON MAN Series Units (# 16W901 & 16W907)
Graco GMax II 5900 Hi-Boy IRON MAN Series (#16W881)

Rod Type: ProConnect


Length: 7-11/16″
Diameter: .8385″


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