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Graco TexSpray HTX 2030

Graco TexSpray HTX 2030

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The all new TexSpray HTX 2030 is Graco's most powerful and versatile texture sprayer to date.

Capable of applying exterior smooth and aggregate textures, elastomerics, and acrylic materials, it can also spray drywall mud in an orange peel, splatter or knockdown finish. Combine this with the available MaxLife Endurance High Pressure Pump and you can spray a wide variety of interior and exterior smooth materials including primers and paints.

  • High-Output Texture Pump

  • Uniquely designed pump with extra-large passages allows pumping aggregated materials up to 2.5 mm with delivery rates to 3.0 gpm at 1000 psi for time-saving production rates.
  • Exclusive PowerFlo Control System

  • Remotely stops and starts material flow right at the pump, eliminating the need for a downstream valve. Offers a smooth, controlled material flow to prevent pack-out conditions and ensures a soft start, eliminating the material blast that can impact finish quality.
  • Exclusive StraightThru Fluid Path

  • Eliminates turns and corners from pump to gun putting less stress on material to virtually eliminate pack-out conditions and enables the spraying of today's more demanding and aggressive aggregate materials.
  • Wide Variety of Applicators

  • NEW FreeFlo Inline Gun offers oversized, unobstructed fluid passages to provide maximum flow and sprays air-assisted in either a round pattern or wide fan pattern for fast, consistent material coverage.
  • NEW 3 ft Pole Gun* offers extended reach to minimize repositioning of lifts and ladders
  • Flex Head Pole Gun* offers greater control in tight areas, such as on scaffolding and around architectural detail
  • Both new Pole Guns can spray in a wide fan pattern - an industry first!



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