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Graco Ultra Corded Hand Held Airless Sprayer (1587511853091)
Graco Ultra Corded Hand Held Airless Sprayer (1587511853091)
Graco Ultra Corded Hand Held Airless Sprayer (1587511853091)

Graco Ultra Corded HandHeld Airless Sprayer

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16N673 SPRAYER, TRUCT PRO II, AC, 120V, 15FT is superseded by 17M359

It always helps to start off slow until we reach the more complex descriptions. What most people are looking for in aan airless sprayer first is the spraying performance. The Graco Ultra Corded Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer 17M359 comes with optimum pressure control. The difference between these pressures is one is for thicker materials, and the other is for thinner materials. This is helpful to provide two of the most used concepts in painting. The unbeatable speed of this hand-held sprayer proves to be outstanding. The speed of this particular sprayer is built to create precise lines and a flawless finish.

From the start, we would like to highlight its best feature; the “FlexiLiner paint bag system”. This allows users to spray in all directions no matter what position the unit is held. Many DIY and home-project fanatics go crazy over this feature. It makes the paint job much more comfortable because it can spray upside down or on its side, so you never need to reposition to reach a certain spot. This new technology is also so advanced that it won’t cause any hiccups even if sprayed upside down. The FlexLiner also allows a quick spray and clean up.

This sprayer is evidently a high-performing sprayer that has much to deliver. It is no surprise its ratings are extremely high and has satisfied many of its users. In simple terms, if you are looking for an easy to manage sprayer that delivers a clean and precise spray, this one is for you. It’s not designed to confuse the user or to seem overly complex. The main thing this ultra sprayer offers is how fast and efficiently it sprays.

The Graco Ultra Corded Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer 17M359 offers many features that are important. Learning of these features is essential before you make a buying decision on your next airless sprayer. Each feature uniquely offers its own benefit:

FlexiLiner Bag
The beauty of having this FlexiLine bag system is not having to wash the supply cup after every use. The supply cup that comes with this Graco airless sprayer is plastic, so it can be replaced and disposed of. These cups are extremely affordable, so you will never have to worry about the cost of replacing it after every use. Another advantage of this technology is it performs well no, matter what position the unit is in.

Dual Air Pressure
This tool is made with two pressure speeds to provide the user ultimate control. These speeds, low and high, allow users to control the spray intensity.

Every paint job is performed on all different materials, so this gives you the option to spray on thin materials or thicker materials. If you are painting on a thick material such as wood planks, a higher speed is required for a successful paint job.

Many users of this sprayer love its ability to perform efficiently on almost any type of material. To obtain the required pressure for all types of materials, you can find it in the user manual.

The Spray Patterns
This device has mainly two patterns, and it simply depends on the surface you are painting. However, you change the patterns by rotating the tip.

RAC X FFLP Spray Tips
The Graco spray tips are what makes the Graco airless paint sprayer the best sprayer on the market. It delivers an unbeatable speed which produces a flawless finish. These spray tips are the most advanced in the industry. This feature is exceptionally popular among users who desire a paint job of perfection. Due to its powerful speed, you will get the job done much faster, without causing any hiccups. This device is a fast-working machine that delivers impressive results.

Additional Features

  • Fully Rebuildable
  • 32 oz FlexLiner
  • FlexLiner Bag System
  • TRIAX Triple Piston Pump with ProConnect
  Ultra Corded Ultra Cordless Ultra Max Cordless
Hot Solvent Compatible
Pressure Control
Pressure Range 500 - 2000 psi 500 - 2000 psi 500 - 2000 psi
Tip Type Supported RAC X FF LP RAC X FF LP RAC X FF LP
Tip Size Supported .008 - .016 in .008 - .016 in .008 - .016 in
Tip(s) Included RAC X FF LP 514 RAC X FF LP 514 RAC X FF LP 514 & RAC X FF LP 210
FlexLiner Bags Included 4 4 6
Power Source Corded Battery Battery
Batteries Included 2 - DEWALT 20V Max Compact 2.0 ah XR Lithium Ion 2 - DEWALT 20V Max Compact 2.0 ah XR Lithium Ion
Filter Mesh Included 60 Mesh 60 Mesh 60 & 100 Mesh
Fully Repairable
ProConnect System
Storage Bag Included


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