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Grizzly G5841 - Static Phase Converter - 1 to 4 HP

Grizzly G5841 - Static Phase Converter - 1 to 4 HP

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Using patented solid-state starting relays, these Autogen Static Phase Converters allow you to operate moderate 3-phase loads on a single-phase circuit. Provides instant reversing and full-time 3-wire power on motors operated at 70% continuous HP or 90% intermittent-duty (15 minutes or less with equal motor-cooling time). Select a converter with a HP range that fits your 3-phase motor. For high start-up loads, choose the converter with the largest HP range that fits your motor. For heavy loads, high-duty cycles, or applications with digital controls, only use a Rotary Phase Converter.


  • Heavy-duty starting circuit
  • Instant motor reversing
  • Full-time 3-wire power
  • Solid-state circuitry
  • Operates on 200V–250V
  • 50–60 Hz operation
  • Type: 1 - 4 HP
  • Weight: 4 lbs.


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