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Grizzly H5783 - Extra Canister For G0548/Z & G0562/Z

Grizzly H5783 - Extra Canister For G0548/Z & G0562/Z

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H5783 Extra Canister for G0548/Z/ZP and G0562/Z/ZP

Keep your machine running at optimum performance

To maintain optimal performance from your Grizzly 2 HP canister dust collectors, you’ll need to periodically replace your canister filter.

Made from spun-bond polyester, the replacement filter captures particles as small as 1 micron with minimal loss of dust collector performance.

1-Micron canister filters have 6 times the surface area of regular filter bags.

Replacing your filter not only helps increase the longevity of your dust collector, but also leads to a cleaner work environment and optimal lung health.

Simply turn the handle on the top a half turn in either direction to clean the canister.

The handle controls three flappers inside and shakes the dust from the filter letting the fine dust fall directly into the collection bag

The Grizzly Customer Service and Technical Support Teams are U.S. based.


  • Filtration rating: 1-micron
  • Filter dimensions: 19-5/8" diameter x 23-5/8" length


  • Grizzly G0548
  • Grizzly G0548Z
  • Grizzly G0562
  • Grizzly G0562Z
  • Grizzly G1028Z2
  • Grizzly G1029Z2P
  • Grizzly G1030Z2P
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  • Shop Fox W1685
  • Shop Fox W1687


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