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Grizzly PRO T33765 - 4" Tungsten Carbide Hex Shank Forstner Bit

Grizzly PRO T33765 - 4" Tungsten Carbide Hex Shank Forstner Bit

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T33765 4" Tungsten Carbide Hex Shank Forstner Bit

Ever wonder what’s the difference between a 4" Forstner bit and a typical drill bit?

Designed to cut at slower speeds, a Forstner bit ensures a clean and highly accurate hole in wood, making it the ideal choice for precision woodworking projects.

Unlock the versatility of this 4" Forstner bit that excels at drilling clean, flat-bottomed holes, creating intricate overlapping designs, and effortlessly drilling recesses for hinges and hardware.

Its unique cutting process guided by the outer rim allows for unparalleled customization, resulting in clean, accurate holes without tear-out.

Experience the power of tungsten carbide, the world's strongest natural metal, which ensures exceptional durability, long-lasting sharpness, and the ability to effortlessly cut through any wood grain pattern, including knots.


  • Bit size: 4"
  • Hex shank: 3/8"


  • Tungsten carbide is known for being one of the hardness materials in existence
  • Cuts through any grain pattern, including knots
  • Makes clean, flat-bottomed holes in all kinds of wood and MDF
  • The 3/8" hex shank easily seats in the chuck of your drill press

Note: Forstner bits are not for use in handheld drills.


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