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Grizzly T31688 - Metal Shrinker/Stretcher

Grizzly T31688 - Metal Shrinker/Stretcher

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Great for hassle-free sheet metal forming and shaping.

If you're short on space, you can get all of the sheet-metal-forming power of our Metal Shrinker/Stretcher Combo Pack in this one versatile tool with interchangeable dies. Like the Combo Pack, this Metal Shrinker/Stretcher has a workpiece capacity of 16-gauge aluminum, 18-gauge mild steel, and 20-gauge stainless steel. Mount it to your workbench and when you want to switch between metal shrinking and stretching operations, simply change out the dies.


  • (1) Shrinker/stretcher tool
  • (1) Shrinker die
  • (1) Stretcher die
  • One-year warranty from date of purchase


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