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Grizzly T32067 - TiN-Coated Center Drill Set, 60 Deg., 4-Pc.

Grizzly T32067 - TiN-Coated Center Drill Set, 60 Deg., 4-Pc.

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T32068 4-Piece TiN-Coated 82° Center Drill Set

These center drills are used to cut holes in the center of a piece of stock on a metalworking lathe.

The double-ended T32068 Center Drills includes sizes 1–4.

Double ended HSS Center Drills are precision ground from durable steel alloy and then coated with titanium nitride (TiN).

Crafted with durability in mind, TiN coating contributes to a cleaner and more precise cut.

It offers improved wear resistance, reduced friction, longer tool life, enhanced surface finish, corrosion resistance, and increased versatility.

Made in an ISO 9001 factory


  • Size 1: Body Dia. 1/8", Drill Dia. 3/64", O.A. Length 1-1/4"
  • Size 2: Body Dia. 3/16", Drill Dia. 5/64", O.A. Length 1-7/8"
  • Size 3: Body Dia. 1/4", Drill Dia. 7/64", O.A. Length 2"
  • Size 4: Body Dia. 5/16", Drill Dia. 1/8", O.A. Length 2-1/8"


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