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Grizzly T32421 - 14" Bandsaw Blade Guide Ceramic Upgrade Kit

Grizzly T32421 - 14" Bandsaw Blade Guide Ceramic Upgrade Kit

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T32421 Bandsaw Blade Guide Ceramic Upgrade Kit

Take your bandsaw blade guides to the next level.

Perfect for upgrading old worn out guides or just adding flexibility and accuracy to your current 14" bandsaw.

The top and bottom ceramic blade guides are designed for wider blades and resawing–and will improve your saw’s resaw performance and accuracy.

The ceramic guides should be in contact with the blade during operation. This provides outstanding blade stability and control.

All bearings are permanently sealed for smooth operation and long life. Adjusting the guides is easy with the unique dovetail design, and only requires a single 3mm Allen wrench.

Some modification will be needed when using 3/4" blades. See the detailed instructions for reference.

These guides fit most Grizzly 14" bandsaws and work with most brands that have a 19 or 22mm guide posts.

Ball-bearing and scrolling blade guides are also available. Our entire line of Grizzly bandsaw blade guides are made from high-strength aluminum and anodized red for high visibility.



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