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Grizzly T32718 - 41" Slip Roll
Grizzly T32718 - 41" Slip Roll
Grizzly T32718 - 41" Slip Roll
Grizzly T32718 - 41" Slip Roll
Grizzly T32718 - 41" Slip Roll

Grizzly T32718 - 41" Slip Roll

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Grizzly T32718 41" Slip Roll

The T32718 41" Slip Roll has three specially positioned metal rollers to make bends, cones and cylinders in sheet metal up to 15-gauge.

The slip roll has a hand crank on one end that the operator uses to rotate the rollers as they feed the sheet metal into the slip roll.

The rollers have grooves at one end that also allow wire to be rolled into various circles or curves. The wire sizes include 5/16", 3/8", and 1/2".

Dual adjustment knobs allow the operator to adjust the spacing distance between certain rollers to either control the radius of ends or accommodate varying thicknesses of sheet metal or wire.

Like all Grizzly tools, the T32718 comes with a 1-year warranty which covers parts and assures the unit is free from factory defects.

The T32718 manual was written by our U.S. based Technical Documentation Department and is packed with useful information.

The complete and easy to read manual makes it easier to assemble and maintain your slip roll.

The Grizzly Customer Service and Technical Support Teams are U.S. based. Parts for the slip roll are available online and shipped from the Grizzly parts warehouse in Springfield, MO.


  • Maximum forming width: 41"
  • Minimum forming diameter: 3"
  • Maximum forming capacity: 15-gauge mild steel
  • Number of wire grooves: 3
  • Wire groove sizes: 5/16", 3/8", 1/2"
  • Roller diameters: 3"
  • Approximate shipping weight: 408 lbs.


  • 41" Maximum capacity
  • 3" Ground and polished rollers
  • 5/16", 3/8", and 1/2" Wire/rod grooves
  • Dual knob material thickness adjustment
  • Quick-release top roller


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