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Grizzly T32732 - Bench Grinder Sharpening System

Grizzly T32732 - Bench Grinder Sharpening System

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T32732 Bench Grinder Sharpening Jig

It’s time to upgrade your bench grinder.

The T32732 Bench Grinder Sharpening Jig serves as an upgraded grinder table for everyday grinding; replacing the light duty tool rests on your grinder.

This high-performance grinding stand offers even and consistent grinding of your chisels, gouges, and other cutting tools.

The two bases mount under each grinding wheel of your grinder. Mounting hardware is included for screwing into a wood workbench or a custom grinding station. Eccentric cam lock-downs allow you to secure positioning after moving the bases in or out based on your needs.

The left side has a 3" x 6" cast-iron table with 1/2" t-slot. The table can be repositioned thanks to the adjustable lock lever.

The optional T32735 Bench Grinder Angle Gauge fits in the t-track and helps sets repeatable angles for sharpening skews.

The right side has a single v-arm holder for supporting your chisels at a constant angle. The optional T32734 Bench Grinder Tool Holder improves upon the single v-arm holder and allows you upgrade to a three-position tool holder.

The optional T32733 Jig Handle Holder is to be used with the v-arm holder for sharpening gouges. The brass knob locks in your tool and doubles as a thumb rest when rounding gouge.

Like all Grizzly jigs, the T32732 comes with a 1-year warranty which assures the unit is free from factory defects.

The T32732 instruction sheets were written by our U.S. based Technical Documentation Department and are packed with useful information.

The complete and easy-to-read instruction sheets provides full instructions on how to use and maintain your jig.

The Grizzly Customer Service and Technical Support Teams are U.S. based.

Parts and accessories for the jig may be available online and shipped from the Grizzly parts warehouse in Springfield, MO.


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