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Grizzly T33012 - 9-7/8" x 43-5/16" 2-Axis Lathe DRO

Grizzly T33012 - 9-7/8" x 43-5/16" 2-Axis Lathe DRO

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T33012 9-7/8" x 43-5/16" 2-Axis Lathe DRO

Everything you need for a custom digital readout for your lathe.

The T33012 9-7/8" x 43-5/16" 2-Axis Lathe DRO bundles all of the components you could want to add to your lathe.

The highly-reliable and accurate readout features several powerful functions including:

  • PCD Pitch circle diameter function
  • LHOLE Line hole positioning function
  • INCL Inclined machining function
  • SDM 199 subatum memory function
  • Radius function
  • SHRINK Shrinkage calculation function

The aluminum case of the readout is totally sealed to protect the circuitry against dust, fumes, and evaporated coolant. A polyester film offers excellent chemical resistance to most commonly used industry solvents. The components are soldered by computerized soldering machines to achieve high-quality connections. This ensures a lower power consumption and improves reliability.

This kit includes 9-7/8" and 43-5/16" linear optical scales. Their plastic seals offer superior oil resistance, durability, and high elastic recovery properties. The slide carrier uses five P5-grade bearings to achieve smooth and accurate movement.

There are plenty of combinations to choose from.

Like all Grizzly digital readouts, the T33012 comes with a 1-year warranty which covers parts and assures the kit is free from factory defects.

The Grizzly Customer Service and Technical Support Teams are U.S. based. Parts and accessories for the DRO may be available online and shipped from the Grizzly parts warehouse in Springfield, MO.


  • Scale resolution: 5μm
  • Scale travel lengths: 9-7/8", 43-5/16"
  • Scale accuracy: ±6μm, ±15μm
  • Scale optical period: 20μm
  • Scale optical measurement: Transmissive infrared; 34-11/16"
  • Scale repeatability: 2μm
  • Scale seal protection: IP53


  • Z0 + Z1 axis summation
  • Pitch circle diameter (PCD)
  • Line hole positioning (LHOLE)
  • Inclined machining (INCL)
  • Simple and smooth radius functionality
  • Linear and non-linear error compensation
  • Shrinkage calculation
  • Vibration filtering
  • mm/inch display


  • 2-Axis lathe DRO
  • 9-7/8" linear optical scale
  • 43-5/16" linear optical scale
  • DRO arm
  • 2-Axis lathe bracket


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