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Grizzly T33692 - 3-In-1 Roller Stand
Grizzly T33692 - 3-In-1 Roller Stand
Grizzly T33692 - 3-In-1 Roller Stand

Grizzly T33692 - 3-In-1 Roller Stand

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Grizzly T33692 3-in-1 Roller Stand

Add value to your shop while maximizing space with this multi-functional roller stand.

Place a flat surface on top of the full-width metal slide to complete sanding projects – the stand can support up to 300 pounds!

Use with the single roller for effortless stock infeed or outfeed through a planer or table saw.

Flip the top piece over and use the 8-roller ball side; your workpiece will glide easily with a high level of support.

The height of the roller stand adjusts easily based on your workpiece dimensions, and the locking handle gives essential stability.

The two-legged design provides sturdiness; you won’t have to worry about tipping during use.

A versatile roller stand that will slash your project time.


  • Height adjustment: 27" to 40-3/4"
  • Ball-bearing roller size: 11-1/2"
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs.


  • Metal slide provides stationary support
  • Single roller assists with infeed/outfeed
  • 8-Roller “ball” head allows for multi-directional movement
  • Lock handle
  • Stable design with two support legs


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