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Grizzly T33887 - 1.5" Butcher Block Workbench Top with UV 25" W 60" D

Grizzly T33887 - 1.5" Butcher Block Workbench Top with UV 25" W 60" D

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T33887 1-1/2" Butcher Block Workbench Top–25" x 60"

A butcher block workbench top is the perfect choice for your garage.

The 25" depth is the standard depth for countertops should you choose to use this in your kitchen.

This butcher block is made of solid Parawood (hevea brasiliensis), sustainably harvested from rubber plantations after the trees have served their useful function.

With a Janka hardness scale score of 960, it is about the same as the hardness of cherry, maple, and walnut. It is durable to hold up against assembly, cutting, chopping, and other workshop/kitchen activities.

The T33887 Butcher Block has extremely durable, maintenance-free UV coating with a satin sheen highlighting the beautiful golden honey color underneath.

The standard urethane-based satin finish is safe for food contact, resistant to stains and most solvents, and cleans up with warm soapy water.

The workbench tops are mostly face grain butcher block, easy to stain, and easy to match in woodworking.

The T33887 is completely customizable in shape, size, and color using standard woodworking tools. Cut edges should be finished with polyurethane.


  • Wood species: Parawood
  • Lamination: Edge-grain
  • Edge type: Square
  • Finish: Urethane-based satin
  • Janka hardness scale score: 960
  • Dimensions: 60" W x 25" D x 1-1/2" T
  • Approximate shipping weight: 68 lbs.


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