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Honeywell SuperEight® Hard Hats - 1/EA (1587254493219)
Honeywell SuperEight® Hard Hats - 1/EA (1587254493219)
Honeywell SuperEight® Hard Hats - 1/EA (1587254493219)
Honeywell SuperEight® Hard Hats - 1/EA (1587254493219)
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Honeywell SuperEight® Hard Hats - 1/EA

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The Honeywell Fibre-Metal E1RW Full Brim Hard Hat is built for strength and duribility perfect for extreme environments across the globe that features a 3RW2 Ratchet Headband, 8 Pt. Ratchet Suspension, and Superlectric Thermoplastic shell material.

  • Smooth crown design eliminates the risk of an impacting object being trapped by ribs, ridges, or slots
  • Provides protection from the sun, non-toxic splash, dust, dirt, and debris
  • 360 degree sweatband which is padded for comfort and perforated to allow air to circulate for a cooling effect
  • Head size selection, and headband adjustment allows users to wear headgear for prolonged periods of time comfortably

General purpose full-brim (Type1, Class E) hard hats are non-vented and they have a brim around the entire hat to protect the face and neck from sun, reduce glare, and help shed rain. Type 1, Class E hard hats protect wearers from vertical impacts and high-voltage conductors (up to 20KV). Full brim hard hats are used when required by OSHA and workers are outdoors or working in direct sunlight.

Hard hats and helmets protect the wearer from hazards that impact the head. They have a suspension system that moves the impact force though the body to feet, helping to reduce strain to the head, neck, and spine. These hard hats and helmets are ANSI rated and OSHA compliant. Types and classes combine to indicate the impact type (vertical only or vertical and angled) and level of electrical protection (none, low voltage, or high voltage) provided. Hard hats and helmets should be inspected regularly for structural integrity. Hard hats are used by construction workers, road crews, or where required by OSHA safety regulations.



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