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Graco Hopper Accessory Kit 1.5 Gallon

Graco Hopper Accessory Kit 1.5 Gallon

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Graco 288526 Hopper Kit, Convert your unit from a standard suction hose to this Hopper for smaller jobs that do not require as much paint Less cleanup and gravity feed helps to assure your unit stays primed with material when using small amounts of paint Holds 1-1/2 Gallons.

Used with the following units:

  • Ultra 395/495/595
  • Ultimate Nova 395
  • Ultimate MX II 490/495/595
  • Ultimate SuperNova 495/595
  • ST Max 395/495/595
  • ST Max II 490/495/595
  • Performance Max 395/495/595
  • 390 and Finish Pro 390/395

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