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IWATA LPH400-144LVX HVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun - Gun Only

IWATA LPH400-144LVX HVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun - Gun Only

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5670 LPH-400 LPH400-144LVX GUN ONLY

Teaming up with our LPH400 LVB the LPH400 LVX eXtreme basecoat technology was developed for use with 90-95% of basecoat colors and engineered to provide increased productivity in application for solvent or waterborne basecoats. While the LPH400 LVB remains the set-up for the most difficult or complex colors the LPH400 LVX handles all the middle range colors where productivity and speed is a must. Extensive field-testing and painter evaluation reports prove that the LPH400 LVX is much faster than the competition and has an ultra smooth application with no technique change. Inlet pressures, spray distance and overlap are the same for the LPH400 LVX as a normal LPH400 LV.

Max Working Pressure 98 PSI
Noise Level 69.4 dB(A)
Spray condition Recommended
Measuring point 1m backwards from gun 1.6m height
Temperature Level (atmosphere)
Type of Feed Gravity
Nozzle Orifice (in.) 0.055
Air Cap Set LVX
Atomizing air Pressure (PSI) 16 PSI
Air Pressure Inside Air Cap 0.07 - 10 PSI
Fluid Output  130 ml/min
Air consumption 9.8 CFM
Pattern Width (in.) 12.2
Air & Fluid Connection  G1/4 (AIR)(NPS1/4) - M16 x 1.5 (FLUID) 


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