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IWATA LPH440-141 HVLP Primer Spray Gun - Gun Only

IWATA LPH440-141 HVLP Primer Spray Gun - Gun Only

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5720 LPH-440 LPH440-141 GUN ONLY

ANEST IWATA's LPH440 HVLP primer spray gun is designed specifically for spraying primers, sealers and fillers. The LPH440 creates a sharp edged spray pattern designed for optimal overlap. This combined with the LPH440's fine soft atomization helps to reduce over spray and increase working speed.

  • A sharp edged spray pattern reduces over spray and minimizes masking
  • Fine atomization creates an even film and saves sanding time
Nozzle size mm 1.4
PSI 20
CFM 8.9
Pattern width inch 9.8
 Air cap model LPH440
Weight lbs 0.87
Usage Primers and sealers


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