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IWATA LS400-1305 Gravity Feed Hand Spray Gun w/ PCG600P-2 600ML Plastic Gravity Cup

IWATA LS400-1305 Gravity Feed Hand Spray Gun w/ PCG600P-2 600ML Plastic Gravity Cup

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#5936 LS-400 LS400-1305 GUN/CUP(PCG600P-2)

LS-400 SUPERNOVA (Anest Iwata’s Top Range for Base Coat / Water-Borne Paint)

The LS-400, designed by well-known design firm namely Pininfarina, has the four slotted technology and also has the bench mark flat fan pattern application. The droplet size of the atomization is larger and wetter than compliant guns. The LS-400 is Anest Iwata’s top of the range Base-Coat gun with low pressure boasting an even spray pattern throughout the fan. LS-400 can demonstrate the extraordinary performance with Water-Borne Paint.

Atomization Technology
The unique Anest Iwata pre-atomization technology – the Split Nozzle™ – guarantees the most consistent atomization for perfect results even at low air inlet pressure.

Anest-Iwata Experience
The outstanding ergonomics of the gun body paired with the low noise level of the Split Nozzle technology makes a difference you can feel.

Process safety
The large, uniform and flat yet soft fan pattern is made up from consistent and evenly distributed droplet sizes making spraying safe and easy.

• Perfect surfaces and finest atomization by Split Nozzle Technology
• Soft spray pattern for easy handling when blending
• High material transfer, maximum material savings
• Large and uniform spray pattern
• Consistent droplet size
• VOC-compliant professional spray gun, significantly more than 65% efficiency
• Clearly visible reduction of so-called fat edges
• Quiet and pleasant background noise
• Anatomically lightweight spray gun body (380g)
• Simple operation of the control knobs, for right and left handers
• Conical seal nozzle, minimum wear parts
• Clearer design, easy maintenance
• Quality surface for easy cleaning


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