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IWATA W-300-132G 1.3 MM Standard Quality Gravity Spray Gun

IWATA W-300-132G 1.3 MM Standard Quality Gravity Spray Gun

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#4810 W-300 W300-132G SPRAY GUN ONLY

The W300 Body Shop Gold compact lightweight design delivers greater operator comfort with no compromise on the famous Anest Iwata quality. Having a spray pattern similar to some full size spray guns the Body Shop Gold is ideally suited to the automotive repair, motorcycle and custom painting industries. The Body Shop Gold further expands the range of high transfer efficient spray guns from Anest Iwata.

High Transfer efficiency means greater savings in paint with fine atomization and quality finish you expect from Anest Iwata. The W300 Body Shop Gold is easily reconizable with its easy to clean chrome body and gold aircap ring, air and fluid inlet fittings.


  • Perfect surfaces thanks to the Split Nozzle™ technology
  • Specific for blending, for example for side walls, bumper and smaller areas
  • Barely visible transitions thanks to the soft and fine spray pattern
  • Very fine atomization with low air consumption (190 l/min)
  • Extremely low material consumption
  • Low background noise
  • 320 g: one of the most lightweight Smart Repair spray guns on the market
  • Simple operation of the control knobs, for right and left handers
  • Conical seal nozzle, minimum wear parts
  • Clearer design, easy maintenance
  • Quality surface for easy cleaning


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