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Justrite 1 Gallon Steel Safety Can for Flammables

Justrite 1 Gallon Steel Safety Can for Flammables

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1 Gallon Steel Safety Can for Flammables, Type I, Flame Arrester, Red - 7110100

Fully compliant safety can with ergonomically counter-balanced design for easy pouring with rounded, swinging comfort handle. Protection features include a long-lasting, stainless steel flame arrester that dissipates heat to prevent flashback ignition and leak-proof, positive pressure-relief cap that automatically vents to guard against rupture or explosion. Large ID zone provided for identifying content mixtures and/or department location, work shift, crew or individual user. Heavy-duty, 24-gauge galvanized steel body and handle with powder-coat paint finish. Ten-year warranty. Meets OSHA and NFPA. FM approved, UL®/ULC® listed, CARB compliant and TÜV certified.

Type Type I Flammable Safety Cans, Red
 Size 9 1/2" dia. x 11" H
Capacity 1-Gal. safety can w/ swinging handle


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